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The Healthy Intimacy Workshop

A healthy relationship is a puzzle two people work on together. Sometimes a piece of the puzzle goes missing. The good news is -- when it comes to healthy relationships -- all the pieces can always be found.


The Healthy Intimacy Workshop helps couples enrich their relationship. It consists of four Units for a total of eight hours of productive work.

We strongly encourage couples to participate in the workshop together. Singles are welcome and will also learn helpful skills that will improve the quality of their relationships as well.

Most often we host the workshop once a week over four consecutive weeks. From time to time we may also present the workshop in an intensive weekend retreat format.


Participants learn:

  • What healthy intimacy is.

  • What their Intimacy Profile reveals about the quality of their relationship with their partner.

  • The five components of healthy intimacy.

  • Intimacy Blockers and Builders

  • Their Attachment Style and how it informs the emotional foundation they bring to their relationships.

  • Their Relational Style and how it informs choices they make in relationships.

  • Specific tools to improve communication and connection

Next Workshop: Friday, September 9, 6:30 PM

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