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A skilled therapist can address a range of issues. This helps you focus on the specific "blocker or builder" you need to explore or the specific skill you need to address to experience more satisfying relationships in your life. We work with men, women, youth and young adults, couples, and families. Our therapists are well-trained professionals with masters or doctorate degrees.


The Healthy Intimacy Workshop
Enrich your relationship with the Healthy Intimacy Workshop that consists of four units that takes place once a week for eight weeks, or in an intensive weekend retreat format. We strongly encourage couples to participate together in the workshop for full effectiveness. Singles are also encouraged to join in an effort to learn the skills necessary in improving the quality of current and future relationships.
Taming Trauma Triggers
This workshop is for women in relationship with someone who struggles with addiction. It provides a safe place for women to explore the value of treatment for Relationship Betrayal Trauma.


Information is power. Sometimes taking time out to seek a new perspective or explore a new idea is all it takes to get a relationship unstuck and promote new growth that leads to a more hopeful future.
Many people struggle in relationships as a result of an undiagnosed sexual addiction that may include an addiction to pornography. Our Partner, LifeStar Sacramento is our region's leading provider of treatment services for Sexual addiction. 
To contact LifeStar Sacramento, call 916-728-5433.


Sometimes it helps just to get away -- to get away but not run away! A retreat provides a relaxing setting away from your normal environment. You settle in with others who may have similar questions and who may have shared similar experiences. You have the opportunity to "soak" in a supportive environment while you take the time to explore, question, and develop new perspectives.  
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