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What life looks like when your relationships are healthy.

Unfortunately, many relationships get undermined by today's hyper-sexual culture. Unprecedented access to pornographic material on the internet has led to a steep rise in sexual disorders. 

Sometimes laughed at or dismissed ias an excuse for bad behavior, sexual addiction is a serious disorder that results in serious consequences for families including: legal trouble, financial loss, the contraction of sexually transmitted disease, and partner trauma. 

Partner trauma is the disorientation, confusion, self-doubt, and shame partners of sexual addicts feel. Symptoms are consistent with those who suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. These include anxiety, depression, loss of sleep, an inability to focus, panic attacks, and more.

If your relationship needs help, 
LifeStar Sacramento can help. 

LifeStar Sacramento
is the region's most respected agency treating both sexual addiction and partner trauma. It has been healing and restoring relationships for over 11 years. 

Call now for a free telephone consultation: 916-728-5433. 

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